Low Budget Ideas for Your Own Space

Have you ever wanted your own “man cave”, but don’t have a basement? I don’t literally mean a cave where only men can relax and threw a few back. I am talking about your own personal sanctuary where you do whatever helps you relax. Whether it is going in to read a book, make some pottery, have a beer or two, or whatever it is you do to escape the day.

Whether you already have a shed, or are building one, you will find all the ideas of how to remodel them and make them truly yours.

Go vintage – if you have an affinity for old classics, an old airstream type of thing should work. Painting it will give it a feel that it’s yours. Don’t be boring with the paint either, spice it up with multiple colors.

Hang it – Having a wall(s) that you can hang anything to would be quite helpful. Hanging corkboard inside is what I am getting at. There are a plethora of options with corkboard, like hanging fabric so it looks like a wall, magazine clippings of the workout you want to start. The beauty of this is, once you get tired of what is up there, taking it down is much easy than repainting.

Go green – Who doesn’t like plants? Plants can make any room feel a bit homier. Plus, they also look good! Be sure to get the low maintenance plants or else they will become a pain.

Go outside – get a few lawn chairs and put them outside. Maybe while you’re painting someone will come and join you. Adding curb appeal will add another element to your shed.

Do the ceilings – Hang up flags, Christmas lights, drapes, etc. Hanging various things in a room helps to make it feel bigger.

Look out for others junk – “One person’s junk is another person’s treasure”. This statement is very true. Yard sales, thrift stores, or items left out on the curb; these are all places one can definitely find something good. It’s definitely possible to find a nice work bench, a cozy chair, or even a few cool pieces of art at these unconventional shopping spots.

Drape the entry/exit – soften up the entry and exit by adding some drapes.  It will soften up the space, and it’s fun to walk through!

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