10 Tips to Winterize Your Home This January

Winter hasn’t really hit yet in Louisville, so our homes haven’t been affected by the weather much. Winterizing your home is important to keep all your appliances working smoothly and save some major bucks. One of the most important areas to maintain is your furnace. This area may scare some people because they know nothing about it, in which case they can hire a professional to take care of it; or it can be done by the home owner.

Clean and repair air ducts

Having the right tools is over half the battle, and when you’re that far, the rest is not difficult. Get yourself a high powered vacuum and suck out all the dust inside. If you happen to see any breaks in the ducts, seal it with the appropriate material and wrap the area with foil tape.

Clean the furnace

If you can still find your furnace owner’s manual, look how to clean it. The object here is to clean out any dirt and dust in specific parts, and lubricate the parts that move. It’s as simple as that.

Replace the air filter

This one is as easy as it gets. Take out the old air filter every couple months and replace it with a new one (arrow side up) and that’s all you have to do.

There are other areas of your house to take care of during winter besides your furnace. These helpful tips will save you some money on your energy bill.

Add insulation

Most homes lose their heat through the roof. Handy homeowners can easily put a few rolls of insulation up in their attic roof to keep some heat in. Otherwise, a professional can give provide a quote and perhaps even do the work.

Inspect exterior doors and windows

Look at all the caulking on the doors and windows outside your home.  Caulking is one of your last lines of defense against heat escaping. Caulking your home is another easy task that doesn’t need a professional hand.

Put in storm doors

Not only do storm doors help keep heat trapped inside, but they also add value. They also have the benefit of letting more light in during the spring and summer.

Insulate your water heater

Doing this is a fast way to save big bucks. If you water heater isn’t already wrapped, go to your local hardware store and they can show you what you need, and even tell you how to do it. Keeping water warm will save money as heating it is one of the most expensive ways to use energy.

Get fireplaces ready

Hot air rises, and one major part of the home hot air escapes is the fireplace. Depending on what kind of fireplace you have will determine how you how it’s sealed. A little research online should tell you all your need to know.

Insulate exposed pipes

If pipes become too cold, they bust. This usually happens in the basement near exterior walls. If your basement has any of these, insulate them to keep disaster from striking.

Reverse the ceiling fans

Change the direction of your ceiling fans. Clockwise pushes the hot air down.

If any of this is unclear, a simple YouTube search and tutorial should explain it in a timely and effective manner. If it’s still unclear, or you just don’t want to bother with it, leave a comment below and I can provide a reliable handyman.

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