13 Ways to Not Get Screwed by Your Contractor, pt. 2

This is the second part of yesterday’s “13 Ways to Not Get Screwed by Your Contractor” post. We have talked about the best way to find a contractor, how to do your bidding, choosing the right one for the job, knowing their background and skills. We are picking up at number 8:

8. Ask for references, and call them

Ask for their references, and if it takes forever (which it might) then that’s a red flag. There is probably reason for it.

9. Check out the work

Ask if you can go see a couple projects he/she might be working on now. Any good contractor will be happy to show off his work.  They should also have some before-and-after pictures of their best work.

                10. Where is their headquarters

It is ideal to have contractors who live nearby. This will generally get them to be there each day, and be on time.

                11. Experience counts

Go only for the contractors who have been in business at least five years, and who have had the same name. There might be a company who has a bad reputation for faulty work, and decided to rebrand itself as a new company to escape the negative image.

                12. Insurance

It will be worth your time to ask about the general liability and workman’s comp certificates from each contractor you interview. Give the insurance companies a call to make sure their coverage is current.

                13. If the city permits

Stop by the city building department and see if your contractor has any complaints on them. It’s a little extra work, but it will give you the peace of mind you need to sleep soundly.


Hope this has helped if you are thinking about doing a little home remodeling and searching for a contractor. Best of luck!

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