15 Easy Feng Shui Tricks for Your Home

Could the right feng shui in your living space result in better in better living conditions, from sleeping to your bank account? You bet! Feng shui is the ancient Chinese art that we as humans are connected to our environment. The objects we bring into our homes and the placement of them affect the energy that surrounds us. It can affect everything from our health, to our happiness.

Most people think feng shui is achieved by adding a bunch of Chinese items in your home, but this isn’t true. Here are some easy steps to improving your feng shui around your house.

Maintain a 6-foot clearance – All surfaces within six feet of the front door, inside and outside, need to be clutter free. This allows energy to flow in and out without running into clutter. Floor mats are fine, but avoid objects like coat and shoe racks right at the door.

Add plants – Potted plants on balconies, patios, and near windows can help energy flow around the home. Plants are living objects that have energy despite how still they are.

Choose your palette carefully – Red happens to be feng shui’s color for 2016, but it is highly discouraged to paint your walls and/or doors red. It is noted as bad luck to have them red, but do what you will. It’s better to have smaller items red, like rugs, pillows, blankets etc.

Add living objects – pets and plants are alive and well, and they move energy throughout the house.

Shape and scale - Feng shui doesn’t limit itself to furniture with round edges. A variety of shapes are your best bet here. Your furniture should be large enough to fit in proportion with your room. Don’t get massive sized furniture for a small room, or vice versa.

Shed light – light brings out positive energy, while dark rooms resemble ignored areas of your life. Make sure every room has ample amount of light, and there are as few shadows as possible.

Ample counter space – Put away appliances you don’t use daily to free up counter space. If the toaster isn’t used daily, put it away to free up more movement and allow energy to flow.

Safety first – Make sure knives go in a knife block or in an organized drawer. If space allows, be sure to put pots and pans in cabinets, and not dangling above. Having black and heavy pots hanging overhead gives the room a heavy feeling, and you want light feelings in the air. It’s also safer.

Purge a drawer – If there’s a part of your home that is filled with clutter, start a drawer that is the “give-to-charity drawer. Throw whatever you can in there to give away and declutter your life.  

Bed placement – Don’t put your bed on a wall adjacent to the bathroom or kitchen, it’s supposedly bad for your health.

No large mirrors – Large mirrors that reflect any part of your body can cause insomnia. If you happen to be renting and have a sliding mirror closet, just open them at night. You can also add curtains to cover them up while you sleep.

Hide electronics – TV’s in the bedroom are not good while sleeping. Unplug it and throw a towel over it. Keep your cellphones and laptops off your nightstands. It’s best to keep them in another room while you sleep.

Closing lids – keep lids (toilet) shut because it’s believed they drain energy and money from your life. Toilets are the largest hole in the house, so keep them closed!

Stay off-center – Don’t buy houses with bathrooms that are in the center of the floor plan. It’s unlucky, and they statistically cause more problems.

Try soothing shades – Black and red colors are proven to increase your nervous system, so choose soothing color tones in the bathroom to create a relaxing atmosphere.


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