3 Growing Neighborhoods in Louisville

                As we have seen the slow and steady housing recovery, we have also seen new neighborhoods become quite valuable. There are a few neighborhoods in Louisville that have really benefitted from the recovery. Just because they are rising though, doesn’t protect you from a sudden fall. Home prices rise and fall outside of your control.

If you’re looking for homes in Louisville, you should definitely consider one of these rising neighborhoods. These neighborhoods have seen the sharpest rate of price increases anywhere in Louisville.

 Bashford Manor

As small as Bashford Manor is, it has seen some unbelievable growth in the past two years. The median home price for a home in this neighborhood is $105,900, which is up nearly $12,000 from May in 2014. It doesn’t look as if the growth is slowing down either, which can make this investment only more attractive. Statistically speaking, this neighborhood has grown 13.4 percent in the last year, and is expected to grow another 7 percent.

What makes this neighborhood so great is it’s a perfect family neighborhood that has all the amenities they need just a short ride away.

 Old Louisville

                Old Louisville is in the heart of downtown. It’s home to the University of Louisville, St. James Court Art show, and has plenty of Victorian style homes. The median home price is $153,700, which is more expensive than Bashford Manor, but cheaper than the national median of nearly $180,000. The rate it has increased by was 12.4 percent, and is still expected to rise another 7.8 percent in the coming year.  If you are looking to get an old house with a lot of personality, this is where you want to shop.

 yler Park

                Right in the Highlands, Tyler Park has everything anyone could need around it. Shopping, restaurants, entertainment, and a good looking neighborhood are all what makes this neighborhood the place to be. This happens to be the most expensive neighborhoods of the group listed. Their median home value price is $247,000. It has grown 9 percent since May of 2014, and is expected to grow another 5.6 percent by May of 2016. People are still trying to get to this neighborhood as quickly as they can despite the price tag of these homes.

 Check out all of these neighborhoods and decide if you like the feel there. If you have experience living in one of them, let us know how you liked/dislike it.

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