3 Home Buyer Tactics to Get the House You're After

 Before putting in an offer, we worry if ours is the one the seller is going to choose ours. Homes are moving quickly in today’s market. It can be quite cutthroat out there when multiple people are after one particular house.  I’m going to let you in on a few tips that will raise your odds of getting that house you want so badly.

Make your offer a “sharp” one

This means make sure the seller knows you’ll do almost anything it takes to get their house. The true definition of a sharp offer is to match the highest bid, and then raise it by five percent, sometimes ten.

Offer to buy out the winning buyer

We have all heard of sore losers, who just didn’t get what they wanted and sometimes even track down the winning bidder and try to negotiate with them. How this could work is to track down the buyer, and offer to pay them their earnest money deposit (occasionally up to three percent of the purchase price) as well as any expenses in return for letting you take over the purchase.

Write a letter to the new homeowners once they close

If you found yourself on the outside of that awesome house looking in, this is your last ditch effort. This is where you want to make contact with the new buyer, either knocking on their door or writing them a letter. In this conversation you explain how you missed the house of your dreams and would like to buy it directly from them, and make sure you make an offer they can’t refuse. It must cover their costs of moving again, and put a little back in their pocket for the trouble. This could finally motivate them to take your deal.

If none of these work, then you’ve lost. It’s time to go find that next house and get on with your life. Remember this experience though and use it to your advantage next time around. Good luck!

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