3 Signs to Keep Your Home Off the Market

A handful of sellers think they’re ready to sell their house, but often times they are pressured to make a move. Most real estate contracts only offer “outs” for buyers, and not sellers; so it is a smart move to sit still if contemplating selling your house.

If your home sits on the market for too long, buyers will begin to think there is something wrong with it. If you are going to list your home, and any one of these three things applies to you, you should seriously wait.

Haven’t let emotional attachment go

Selling your home and selling your car are two different things, there is much more emotion involved. Did you make incredible, irreplaceable memories in your home? Is the home sale a result of a major life event like a death, or divorce?

If this is the case, allowing strangers to inspect every inch can be gut-wrenching and painful, but to make the pain better, consider holding off. Take your time to accept the loss of whatever is passing, and list the property when you are ready to move on with your life. If you don’t, it’s going to be an agonizing process.

Your desired price is more than 10% of what agents are telling you

Homes get the most attention in the first couple weeks it is on the market. If you priced your home too high, it could still be on the market months later. At this point you will have few options, and your best tone is to drop the price, and the buyers will get you for a lot less than what you had in mind.

If you get a second opinion from another agent, and they say it will sell for 10 percent below what you were expecting, you should probably wait on selling your home. Try doing some quick renovations to bump the price up a little.

You don’t have a solid exit strategy if you get a deal

If you do not have a plan B for your living situation, you are not a good candidate to sell your house. You need to take care of your needs first.  Without a plan, you won’t have the drive to sell your house. Showing it as is, leaves money on the table, and you won’t be grabbing it.

Sellers who have a game plan before selling spend a lot of time and money to gain the reward. They keep their home in great condition, and the hard work pays off. If this is not a commitment you are willing to make, then stay at home and don’t put it on the market. 

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