3 Simple Ways to go Green

In today’s world some phrases may intimidate people; a common one is “sustainable home”. Becoming green isn’t bad, and in fact if you knew a little more about it, you may even like it. To go green doesn’t mean you completely change your life style and get solar panels all over your roof, or buy all new electric cars.

You can have an ecofriendly home without building it from scratch. Simple tweaks here and there can turn your home from industrial to green.

Light bulbs and more

Using LED light bulbs is the simplest thing you can do in order to affect your electric bill. Another option is getting high-performance windows. They are usually triple-paned for maximum efficiency.

Thinking about your air ducts? There are air ducts out there that are actually ductless! They are mounted on your wall and are controllable by a remote.  It’s been reported that these systems are up to 300% more efficient than most of the systems out there. They also happen to fit and blend into most rooms.

Water conservation

Having the right fixtures can help save thousands of gallons of water per year. Stealth system toilets use less than a gallon per flush. The average American toilet uses about 3 gallons per flush; that’s anywhere from 6,000 – 9,000 gallons saved annually!

Having a tankless water heater is another option for saving water. These skip the wasteful process of reheating hot water in a tank. They heat on-demand and energy isn’t wasted keeping already hot water hot.

There’s also the good ol’ system of collecting rain water. Repurposed rainwater works excellent for gardens and landscaping. Put barrels or buckets under your downspout and install a rain chain, which drains water from your gutters and hang from the downspout.

The green thing about this practice is the water comes from the sky, not from the water company. On the other hand, some states have laws against collecting rainwater, so look into your states policy on this.

Repurposed materials

If you can salvage any old materials and reuse them in a clever way, it’s one of the best ways to go green. People have taken old wood fence boards, and built them into a picnic table for the backyard. Reclaimed steel or wood can work for “new” countertops.

Environmentally friendly floors are also out there to be used. Cork, linoleum, and bamboo are all renewable, but they also have the hidden benefit of home insulation!  

Spend the rest of spring thinking green, and make the move in the summer! From rethinking your heating/cooling system, to collection water, and to reusing old materials, going green doesn’t have to be such a chore. 

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