3 Things You Never Tell A Seller's Agent

When visiting an open house and you begin talking to the seller's agent, it's important to say as little as you can, while still being charming. Less is always more. The buyer's agent is the light to guide you through your real estate purchase. They should know your needs, wants, and how much house you can actually afford.

When it comes to the seller's agent they are a completely different story. You won't be in contact with them much because that is your agent's job, but if you are in contact just lay low. Play it cool and do not talk about these three things.

1. How much you like or dislike the house

Here is where you want to show the seller you are interested, but not too interested. They don't need to know you're jumping at the bit to make an offer, or that this is your dream house. 

You also don't want to open your mouth too much and be too critical of the house. By having too many harsh comments you could place yourself in a shady light and you become a less-than-viable buyer. When markets have become as competitive as they are, you need to show the image that you are rocksolid.

2. How much you are willing to spend

It's always taboo to talk about your finances. By talking about the money you can and may spend, you might dig yourself into a hole and place your offer at a disadvantage. The first thing you want to do is have your offer accepted, and the second would be at the best price.

You won't be doing yourself any favors by giving the sellers an idea of your financial limits. A little mystery can go along way. As a seller, they should feel they set a fair price for the home they're offering and if you think that house is worth that price, but it may just be the house at the right price for you.

3. Use your head and let your agent do the work

The smartest thing you can do is go to the open house and eat their cupcakes while asking questions. Ask a lot of questions, but never tell much about yourself. Let your agent do their job by getting your house at the right price.

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