4 Awesome House Plants for Every Home

Having plants around your house is a simple way to keep your home lively. They do a lot of good things for a home like provide pretty decoration, smell nice, soak up unhealthy toxins in the air, and give rooms a little more color.

These plants are easy to take care of even if you forget to water them for a few days. They just sit there are grow.


This is one of the most common household plants. They’re in almost every doctor’s office, and they’re perfect for any corner of a room. It will grow pretty tall, but if it gets too tall for your liking, trim the canes and dip the trimmed ends in a rooting hormone. Once you have 4-inch canes in a bag of sphagnum moss, let them sit in direct light in a pot and the roots will begin to grow. Now you have a brand new plant!

Mistletoe cactus

Buy one of these spaghetti plants. They last forever and need very little attention. They can adapt from rooms with very low light, to very high light without problem. The only thing you cannot do is drown them, they will rot. The stems can be placed in potting mix to perlite, of even a little glass of water. Eventually they will sprout little white flowers and tiny cute berries afterward.

Air plants (Tillandsia)

These don’t really need soil to survive, just a little water two or three times a week. If you have them in your bathroom, sometimes the shower steam alone can do the trick. Just place them in a cup, and watch them grow!


Originally from South Africa, these plants aren’t too popular yet. These are pretty shade tolerant, and really the one thing that can kill them is too much water. If all you have to do is not drown them, you should be fine. Even if they somehow get knocked over, or stepped on, they will sprout right back up and live to grow another day. If you want to break off some stems to pot new ones, just cut out a couple connected stems and repot!  

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