4 Headache Remedies for Renters

No aspiring home owner likes renting. They feel its wasting money, and there can be demanding landlords, and strange neighbors. A number of issues can arise from the moment you sign the lease until the moment you are packed up and moving into the next space.

 There isn’t a solution to every problem for renters. However, there is an action to help with the pains of renting. If any of these problems arise during your stay, use these tips to help alleviate them.

  1. Begin with the basics and insure your belongings: Robberies are not uncommon these days. It isn’t unheard of to come home to a broken window, or the back door wide open. Your safest bet to secure your things is to insure your stuff. Renters insurance is cheap, costing anywhere from $10-$30 per month. This insurance protects your stuff from “out of your control” situations.
  2. Speak up: If a particular apartment is calling your name, but it’s a bit too pricy, try simply asking for a price reduction somehow. Maybe the landlord could take down the price, or wave a fee here and there. Try making some sort of deal with him. Maybe you cut the grass for an additional $30 off per month. The worst they can say is no. Know what’s in the lease before you sign it, this will insure no future headache.
  3.  Find more space and don’t pay for it: Every property only has so much storage space, and sometimes there’s just not enough room for all your belongings. Your best bet is to start getting creative with the way you store things. Don’t go blow an extra $100+ a month on a garage unit. Take a look at Pinterest and see some good ideas for storage on there. Another good plan is to organize all you have, and de-clutter. Once you have only what you need, you’;; stop going out to buy more of it because you know how much of it you have, and where it is.
  4. Stop throwing money down the drain: Most people rent because they cannot afford a home just yet, and many of them feel they are just wasting money. Well, there’s hope. Start a financial plan in order to save money for a down payment for a house. Begin by cutting your costs where you can, and find a wash to increase your cash flow. Once your cash flow is up, start saving money like a mad man (NO CHEATING!!!) and throw all expendable income towards your down payment.

 There you have it, four simple ways to relieve the financial headache of renting property. Please feel free to comment below with any tips or suggestions you might have. Maybe something has worked for you in the past; we’d love to hear about it. Best of luck!

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