5 Types of People Who Attend open Houses

5 Types of People Who Attend open Houses

In the real estate world, Sunday’s are very important days. It’s the day of open houses, and it goes without saying, anyone can step inside to check out a home on the market. Keep in mind though, not everyone who goes inside is a potential buyer. Here are the five types of likely to walk into an open house.

The real buyer

Real home buyers are somewhere in the home buying process, and they’re checking out the market or they’re intent on buying a home and qualified. Sellers want these people coming through their doors.

Buyers are using open houses as their alternative visits as they’ve probably already toured the house with their agent during the week. Open houses allow them to casually walk around as if it was already their own.

The nosy neighbor

These people have been waiting to finally check out the home. Chances are their home is quite similar and they want to do a little comparison of properties.

Of course there are other reasons. Some neighbors like to see where all they can be seen from the house across the way. These neighbors just want to satisfy their curiosity about their home, or even the seller.

Agents looking for their clients

Agents are always on the hunt for new homes for their clients, and most of the time they are polite and professional.

There are the agents who will walk-and-talk around the house on the phone to their clients. They’ll describe what the home is like and tell their clients of the pros and cons of the home.

The agent who lost the listing

A lot of the times a sellers interviews multiple agents and selects which one they want to represent them. Agents spend a lot of their time, energy, and money to get a listing; and clearly not every agent gets the listing.

It’s not uncommon for the losing agent(s) to stop by the open house, seeing if the agent took any of their advice. Did they take the advice of changing the color of certain rooms, or renovation the kitchen etc.? It’s their time to roam the property anonymously.

A prior owner or a relative

Over the years listing agents run into past clients, or relatives of the homes they’ve sold. These people come to the homes to see what kind of shape the home is in, and to remember fond memories.

Good agents welcome all interested parties to an open house. They take notes of the feedback they receive. They answer questions and concerns potential buyers may have.

If you plan on going to an open house and don’t plan on buying it, keep it to yourself. Be as invisible as possible and don’t waste anyone’s time. The only time it’s appropriate to speak up is if you have helpful feedback for the seller or agent.  

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