5 Ways to Deal with the Neighborhood Eye Sore

You are moments away from finally putting your beautiful home on the market, and then it hits you; the eye sore next door is going to create quite a problem. There are people who will try to hide and cover up these eyesores, trying to fool prospective buyers, but in the end, without proper attention the eyesores still remain.

You can always embrace the eye sore and view it as a prairie instead of a lawn, but for those of us who nearly go blind looking at them, here are a few ways to fix this problem.

  1. Ask the neighbor to fix the issue

This is no easy task. How do you tell your neighbor their yard looks like crap and it’s hindering your ability to sell your home?  One way is to write a friendly note and leave it with a bottle of wine or case of beer. When doing this make sure to mention the more your home sells for, the more their home is worth.

  1. Be neighborly

Some people live a certain way for so long they don’t notice what might look ugly to others.  This often happens with the elderly because they don’t notice, or don’t have the means to keep up with the maintenance of their homes. Just do not recommend a townhome or condo. It’s kind of offensive in a way.

You might try asking them if you can spruce it up yourself. Hopefully they’re not hoarders who want to keep the weeds growing out of the sidewalk. You will be surprised how often people like being helped. So try asking them to fix the wobbly fence, or the rotting paint around their house. Chances are they would be glad to have you help them work on it.  

  1. Notify your HOA

If you live in a HOA, write them and make sure they are aware of the unkempt house nearby. One of the main reasons HOA’s exist is to prevent this from happening. They are there to prevent eye sores from popping up and devaluing your home.

The HOA will send the offending neighbor a letter requesting them to fix whatever problems they find, or face fines. Lastly, the HOA might fix the problem themselves and bill the homeowner.

  1. Call the city

If all else has failed and the neighbor won’t budge to mow their lawn or clean up the trash around their house, let the city help you. If the offense is violating local codes, they will be forced to clean it up.

Do this well before you put your house on the market because sometimes the period to clean can be up to 90 days. If the bank owns the house due to a foreclosure, find out which bank owns the home by researching county title records, and insist the bank maintains the property.

  1. Plant view-blocking trees or a small fence

It can be worth it to plant a few trees to cover up this eye sore of a neighbor. Chose one that is at least six feet tall, or you can install a privacy fence that is at least six feet tall.

If the neighbors are noisy, try adding a waterfall to drown out the noise.  There’s only one first impression and you don’t want to lose it due to a crappy neighbor.

                Do what needs to be done to get your house sold, and best of luck!

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