5 Ways to Sell A Home Faster, for More Money!

Wall St. recently asked real estate experts and organizations how sellers can sell their house for the best price within the shortest amount of time. Here's what they had to say.

Pay Attention to "Curb Appeal":First impressions last forever, and are critically important. Homes with pleasant exterior and landscapes usually tend to sell better. Make sure the driveway is in good condition, the house is freshly painted, and the lawn is well groomed.

Set the Right Price: Real estate agents are trained to sell houses and put them on the market at the right price. They use comparable homes sold within the last 90 days to set a realistic price for the home to be sold. By setting a realistic price in the beginning, sellers are aware that this will prevent them from having to drop the price several times and sit on the market for some time.

Talk About Energy Effeciency: Most buyers don't understand the concept of "green homes" but they do understand the word "savings". Agents should highlight any features in their homes such as energy effecient appliances that could save buyers money with utility costs.

Give the Home Web Appeal: Photographs do an unbelievable job at givinghomes first impressions. Realtor.com claims that 6,300 photos are viewed every minute on listings posted on its site. You should use at least 12 photos per listing.

Make it Move-in Ready:  Fix any needed repairs whatever they may be. Even the smallest flaws in a home can distract a buyer, and should be fixed even before the home is put on the market. Some agents recommend sellers get a home inspection before even putting the home on the market which can help sellers be proactive in fixing any problems that could become a road block later on. Once a problem has presented itself, sellers and agents are obligated to fix it.

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