6 Factors You Don't Notice That Are Hurting Your Home Sale

Having a difficult time selling your home? It could be what is on the outside versus the inside that is delaying this process. It isn’t always what’s on the inside that counts.

You know you have one of the best homes on the block, and your agent knows it too; but it has been sitting on the market far longer than either of you expected. In order to sell your home, you have done everything you agent said, and even went above and beyond by reading forums online for all the “how-to’s”, but the problem still lingers.

Sometimes it isn’t what’s on the inside, but the outside. Look around the yard, driveway, exterior of the house, and figure out what it needs. Here’s some of the often things that are overlooked:

  1. Electrical Substations: Real estate forums teem with people who worry as if it was their job about potential electrocution from nearby substations. The only way these electrical substations can be dangerous, is if they blow up. They also fear that this box will electrocute a trespasser. You just need to know how to defuse this fear. Things you’ll want to know, when was this built? Where are the underground cables, what level is the electric charge? And even show someone how to take electric readings to show the magnetic field is of no danger.
  2. Parking Problems: Parking your car could be a problem. Maybe there isn’t enough space for a second car in the driveway, which leads to parallel parking, and then mass tickets come street cleaning day. There isn’t really anything that can be done to fix the parking problem. My advice for you is to try to make it a sweet deal. One thing you can do is offer a month’s fee to a nearby garage, or buy a parking sticker for them.
  3. Lawsuits: It’s no secret neighbors can be a terror whether you are living in a condo or a house. Sometimes people argue and get in tiffs. Occasionally these tiffs lead to lawsuits. And lawsuits can become a paper trail battle of things you do not want used against you from two years ago. If any legal battles are still hanging on the fence, get those settled ASAP! If it is in the cards, make the involved parties sigh a nondisclosure agreement.
  4. Thin Walls and Ceilings: While we are on the subject of condo drama, there isn’t anything less appealing that to hear your upstairs neighbor’s toddler jumping through the ceiling. Poor insulation can lead ultimate sound travel. One quick way to fix this is to buy your neighbor some rugs. The other way is to bring in a soundproofing company to figure out the most effective way to calm the chaos. They will probably recommend blowing in cellulose insulation, which is a nontoxic alternative to fiberglass. It will also help you on your next hearting bill!
  5. Junky Neighbors: You front yard looks like a masterpiece, but your neighbors…well it could look like a trailer park. The way in which your neighbors keep up with their yards has an effect on the entire neighborhood. Buyers really take notice to their neighbors’ landscapes. A good way to entice them to work on it is by proposing a street wide cleanup. You’ll hope here that they begin to take some pride in their property. If it is absolutely an undeniable train wreck, then maybe you should get the local government involved.
  6. Noise Pollution: You are now use to the train down the road, the airplanes overhead, and the never ending construction up the street. Not all potential buyers will be pleased by what you’ve grown use to. If noise becomes a big problem, and there’s nothing you can do about it yourself, maybe call your local government. For an immediate solution, try buying a blackout curtain, noise-absorbing carpet pads. Lastly, try caulking any gaps in windows to seal outside noise.

These are just a few things that could potentially be turning buyers off. Take care of the outside, and the inside will be cake.


Good Luck!

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