6 Insider Secrets for Open House Prep

The most common tips for preparing a home for an open house is the usual clean, repair, stage, spruce, and deodorize. Beyond these mimimums there are better tips that most people never consider. These tips will ensure you home is looking like the hottest house on the market. 

1. Look at other open houses in your neighborhood, city, and price range.

     Going to look at other homes gives you an idea how other homes are stacking up against your home. You will get to see how other homes are laid out in terms of viewing, cleanliness, household items, etc. Going to other open houses will let you see how a potential buyer would view your house. So take notice what other homes are doing and try to imporve yours.

2. Move.

     Pack up all your belongings (personal) and move them out of the house. None of your personal items should be visible in an open house. People in an open house do open closests, drawers, etc. so you may want to consider renting a storage unit for your time on the market.

3. Tell the neighbors to come over.

     Do you know your neighbors real well? Do they come over for dinner or parties on special occassions? Well if they don't there's a good chance they may be a bit nosy and interested in how you live. Your neighbors are probably aware of who wants to live in the neighborhood, and who they want to live there. Go ahead and invite them for the open house, it won't hurt anyone or anything.

4. Enlist the neighbors.

     Incase your neighbors are planning to move in the future, they want your home to seel for as much as possbile. If your home sells for a good price, it will increase the value of their home as well. Since you've already invited your neighors you should make sure they can help out as well. They can do helpful things like make sure cars aren't parked in the street in front of your home, and not letting their dog use your front lawn as their bathroom. Simple things can go a long way when selling a home.

5. Cut your neighbors grass.

     Are you the neighbor of the neighbor with the absurdly tall grass, and four cars parked in the yard that is an eye sore to anyone that happens to pass by? Well, if your house is on the market and you have an open house coming up, you may want to cut the grass yourself.  If you go ask your neighbor to cut their grass they may get offended. If your neighbor is elderly, ill ,etc. then they probably wouldn't mind a bit if you offered to cut their grass. However, if they are perfectly healthy but never cut their grass; it is not impolite to bake a batch of brownies go offer to cut it for them. Help yourself by helping another.

6. Get over yourself.

     You and everyone else know you have the best taste around. I'm sure you do too. But for the sake of an open house, take down your fancy homemade art. No one cares you have the coolest art piece in the neighborhood because it's probably going with you when you move. The goal in preparing for an open house is to neutralize the decor. So instead of showing off your fashionable pieces, let your agent help you redecorate to neautralize the home. 

Good Luck!

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