6 Signs Your Real estate Agent Is Secretly a Fairy Godparent

If your real estate agent can somehow make problems disappear, then you know you have the right agent. In the real estate world, there are agents who are great, and agents who are not-so-great. For the great ones who can make your problems disappear, you wonder how they did it with just a snap of their fingers.

If you suspect something smells funny, here are the signs your agent might be a fairy godparent.

  1. They can cast a spell

Negotiating is a form of art, and the negotiator is the artist. If your agent does more than just talk, speaking in magic tongues, count yourself the lucky one. Even the most seemingly hopeless real estate agent can be saved by the gift of gab. They are able to make everyone a winner, leading the conversation along just as they planned.

  1. They have a bag of magic tricks

Superstar agents spend their time with other superstar agents. When buying a house, the inspection is a vital part. Some agents work solely with veteran inspectors who have infared cameras (no lie). This camera is a game changer for multiple reasons. It can read the difference in temperature, telling which parts of a room have moisture and insulation issues. A room with a fresh layer of paint appears perfect on the surface, but could potentially be holding issues underneath. So now you are left with a choice, walk away, or request your agent cast their spell.

  1. They have secret skills

Maybe you get lucky and have an agent who is also an interior decorator. If they are a superstar they will rearrange your for-sale home, leaving it much better than before. They will know the perfect color for your wall, matching it to your furniture. If they choose to help you out (they should), all their effort will be done timely, and without much effort at all.

  1. They can make things vanish and appear             

 A superstar agent has seen just about everything, and you’re the beneficiary of their experience and connections. When a snafu pops up and your mortgage broker needs a couple more days to close? No big deal! Your agent penciled in a clause automatically extending the contract for five extra days.

Maybe your backyard is covered in leaves and there’s a showing that afternoon. Not to worry, your agent has a lawn care business on call and they are already on the way.  With an agent who can remedy these types of problems for you, there’s little to worry about.

 They have luck on their side

These agents have found the four-leaf clover, rubbed the lucky rabbit’s foot, and wished upon every star. If selling in your market is more than challenging, they will bring over every statue symbolizing luck, just to get your house sold.

  1. They have an entourage of skilled protégés

In some instances your agent will already have a team together waiting to tackle any problem that could arise. Picture that you’ve just had a walkthrough on your dream house and are discussing your offer price with your agent. Suddenly his phone rings with two ballpark offers that fully support your lowball offer. This has to be magic.

Skilled agents are the ones who make your life easier when it can be quite difficult. Find your superstar agent and make friends with them. They’re good people to know and can make magic happen on most days.

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