7 New Years Resolutions Homeowners Can Get Behind

The New Year is fast approaching, and we all will have some resolutions to try to uphold. Some are attainable, others we are just flat out lying to ourselves. These new changes don’t particularly need to be life-changing, so here are some simple ones when it comes to real estate resolutions. These are attainable, and will pay you fortune down the road.

Make extra mortgage payments

Chances are we all have mortgages, and that number slowly gets smaller. You are mostly paying interest for the first long-while, but if you can muster up enough cash to make the extra payments per month, your debt will shrink much quicker. This will likely save you tens of thousands of dollars if you can make double payments multiple times per year. Just be sure to tell the loan officer, this extra payment is going towards the principal.

Get a new homeowner’s insurance quote

Insurance renews every year, and you probably didn’t know that or think much about it.  Each year, you could be eligible for new discounts that weren’t originally on the table. Insurance companies won’t be calling you to notify you that you now qualify for whatever discount. Call your agent yearly, and see if you can get an extra discount here-and-there. If not, start shopping for a better policy elsewhere.

Have your home reassessed for tax purposes

Homes get reassessed every few years by whatever county they are in. This means your property value could increase or decrease year to year, but it’s not documented. You could be paying too much in taxes in some cases. Most states allow free online assessment requests. Watch out for scams though, they are typically outside companies offering small assessment fees.

Get an energy assessment

Winter months can really jack up the cost of your electric and heating bills. Some states offer energy assessments for free by nonprofit groups, and if you aren’t in one of those states, hire a professional energy auditor. They will then offer you suggestions of how to save on your energy bills, stretching your dollar over the colder months. The smallest lifestyle changes can make a difference. You can also read my other blogs on how to do this, or look online for tips, but it’s your time and money.

Plant a garden

If you enjoy eating fresh vegetables, this is the thing for you. Growing your own food is not only rewarding, but it saves a ton of money. It’s good for the environment as well. You also get to decide what pesticides and fertilizers you put on your own food. If you are lacking in yard space, get creative and use some pots, roof space, fire escape, etc.

Start a compost pile

Composting is easier than you think. They offer compost kits that walk you through step-by-step. Or you can put up a little fenced in area and just dump bio-degradable materials in it. If you can’t use your own compost, there are companies around the country that will come pick it up. Some cities include compost pick up during trash day.

Buy a rain barrel

Collecting rain during the year can have its benefits. To save for it now, and reuse it later; it will trim a bit off your water bill, and it will lessen the moisture around your home’s foundation. It is healthier for your plants, reduces runoff pollution, and maybe it will become a neighborhood trend.

Free rainwater can also be used in washing your car, or pet. If you are living in a drought out west, then the reasons for a rain barrel are obvious. If you just started your compost, or have been for a while, rainwater is much better for it than tap water. There are laws in some states/counties about collecting rainwater, but no one is going to rat you out, so do it anyway. 

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