8 Home Improvements Under $1,000

Here's how you can upgrade you home in under $1,000!

1. Install a smart thermostat

Heating and cooling your home accounts for more than 40% of the total energy usage. Having a programmable thermostat allows you to keep an eye on the temperatures even when you're not home. Many people forget to turn it off when they leave for work in the morning and it runs all day. Having a smart thermostat allows you to manage it from the road. There can be a substantial amount of savings over the long-term with this cool feature.

2. Update your fixtures

Old lights, vanities, and appliances can really make a Home look old. New anything will breathe new life into the home. Simply installing new hardware on cabinets gives it a fresh new look. Replace the spa think that your house that look old and it will go along way.

3. New toilet

Replacing an old, ugly, heavily used toilet can make a substantial impact of your home. Toilets only cost anywhere from $100-$300. The new toilets even use less water which can shrink your water bill over time. 

4. Reglaze the bathtub

Bathtubs can really make or break a deal. They are a pain to install, so every buyer really hopes the current one is in good shape. For a couple hundred bucks you can reglaze your tub and make it look brand new. 

5. Lay down a tile floor

Tile is sexy, and it makes a home look elegant. Shiny new floors really help homes sell. They are easy to clean and don't hold dirt and grime like carpet does. Lay some time in your bathroom and if the budget allows, in other parts of your house.

6. Add new blinds or shutters

Old blinds really show. Replace them and the home will be modernized. Your local Lowes and Home Depot have great options and can even cut them to the exact size you need. Shutters are also very snazzy looking, but those cost a bit more and may need a professional to install them.

7. New front door

A home's curb appeal begins with your front door. Provide a good looking door and absolute security for your potential buyer. This aspect goes a long way with buyers. Don't forget to add some color!

8. Make a sidewalk 

A new path leading to your front door will add more curb appeal. The options are stone, brick, or concrete. Be sure that the style of pathway matches your home's. walkways give a feeling of welcomeness. Add one and see how well you like it!

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