8 Keywords to Use to Find a Home Faster

Home Hunting is a process and it may take quite a while to find something you really like. If you are not having any luck, try these words in your search to uplift it a bit. Today’s market is a seller’s market, meaning there is a large inventory and homes sell rather quickly. When looking for a home, don’t make your search too large, or too small.

Here are some of the best hidden words to use when home hunting. These will help you guide your search in the direction needed to find what you want.

“Move-in ready” vs. “fixer uppers”

Properties that tend to be move-in ready have hidden key words in them such as, “showplace”, “modern”, and “pride”. On the other hand, words like, “TLC”, “vintage”, and “handyman special” will ensure this house needs some work, if not a lot. A word such as “black canvas” typically means the property has been completely gutted, and is ready for anyone with the gall to rebuild it from the inside.

Study up on schools

Checking out local school districts is worth your time whether you plan on having kids or not. Type in “A-rated” into the search bar to look for the better school districts, and what zones they cover; this little hint will help you know which districts to look for and which to avoid. If the property is in an A-rated district, the seller wants that to be known.  

Townhouse or Condo

If you are looking for one of these types of units, this word will be your best friend, “end unit”. End units not only have better natural light, they only have one neighbor! These units are generally in high demand, so be sure if you find one, to keep your eye on it.

Avoid dark homes

Searching with the word “bright” will provide houses with great natural light as a key feature. Some agents are quite handy with Photoshop making homes appear lighter than they typically are, but you’ll know you’ve been duped once you arrive on site. The last thing you want to end up with is a dark cave for a home that receives little light. Not only will you be happier with more light, you will save money on electricity bills.


If quiet is something you cherish, type in “privacy” or “private”. This search will shelter you from highways, neighbors, and even sometimes other people in your own house. It will apply to fencing, the way the home is laid out, and the distance between your neighbors.

What’s new?

When searching for the word “new” you will end up with a ton of results. This could apply to a newly built house, new roof, new kitchen, etc. If this provides too many results, try the word “upgraded”. This way you will have a house with “new” features inside.

Get the bonus

The word “bonus” will end your search with a ton of cool features. You could end up with extra rooms, extra storage, etc. This works well for home buyers who want that extra space for kids, or a work office, or even entertaining.

The view

Make sure the place you are hunting for will have the view you want, unobstructed by daily bus routes, loud businesses across the street and so forth. It would be a shame to find your dream house and then have to let it go because something unsavory about it.

Try asking your agent if they know of any future plans for the area surrounding it. This should tell you what is to come in the near future.


Beware of misspellings too. Often time’s listings are filled with them and you can even find what you’re looking for just by spelling a word wrong.

Use essential key words in your search for your castle, and see what you come up with. If you are really set on a specific feature of a house, spell it correctly, and try misspelling it to find what you want.   

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