8 Ways to Fix Up Your Bathroom without Renovating

Are you excited about revamping your bathroom, but don’t want a huge project to last weeks or even months? This simple updates will make this seemingly daunting task not so intimidating.

Bathrooms are perfect rooms for mini-makeovers. These can be refurbished quickly, inexpensively, and professionally without a whole lot of effort. Before you begin, think about what vision you have in mind for this bathroom. Is it to be a peaceful, relaxing, place, or a dramatic tone styled spa-like room? Once you have an idea, start looking at these simple tips and you can be on your way.


Paint: Painting is always the ground zero for any revamping project. For a simple and serene look, try going for a soft and soothing tone for a better sense of space and light. If you want a rich, dark hideaway rom, go for a warmer saturated tone to strike the right mood.

Hardware: You will want to choose your drawers that are more modern, and will last years into the future. One thing that is nice to have, try checking out the softly closing drawers. These are great because they are stylish, and don’t make any noise. The spa look requires a nickel, or stainless steel drawers. For sophisticated and elegant looks, go for oil-rubbed bronze tones.

Storage: Keeping a bathroom void of clutter is key when your guests come over. Having a bunch of clutter creates mental stress and isn’t a positive feeling when walking into the bathroom. A good way to fix the clutter issue is to keep a couple storage cubbies. Keep these either under the sink, or in a closet, or mount them to the wall. Keep your toiletries and beauty equipment in here for easy access.

Lighting: In order to groom yourself properly, good quality light is mandatory. When you’re waking up in the morning, and getting ready for bed, a softer light is what you need. All you need is a dimmer switch. If you are looking to replace the vanity lighting fixture, don’t be nervous, it’s actually quite easy. Just b=pick a vanity light that covers the same space as the last one did.

Shower, sink, and bathtub faucets: These updates really make you feel accomplished! What you need here is a faucet that extends a little higher over the bowl that what you previously had. Upgrade your shower head to a newer one that doesn’t make the morning shower feel so routine.

Mirror & medicine cabinet: Usually, these medicine cabinets are an eyesore. Lucky for you, there are plenty of modern options to make these more lenient to the eye. Another way to fix this eyesore is to build yourself a simple picture-style frame right over your wall mirror. Make sure you put a coat of sealant on this piece so it is moisture resistant. This way it won’t rust, or warp from the constant moisture in the bathroom.

Towel warmer: Even if your bathroom is on the smaller side, this amenity is one worth some serious thought. Even if you cannot spare the space, you’ll be glad to know they come ready to plug-in or hang on the wall.

Final touches: Adding new towels, bathroom rugs, candles all accent the room in a great way. Choose colors wisely as each will give its own mood. Maybe even get a little tasteful and have monograms in your towels, “Mr.” “Mrs.” These little updates will add a whole new level to your bathroom, and keep it modern for years to come.

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