9 Ways to Sell Your Home Fast

No matter where you were selling your home the process can always be stressful. There are mountains of paperwork, weeks of showings and all the prepping in between. Having pets and children multipliers the stress because they only seem to make the matter 10 times harder. It's best to hit the ground running and sell your home before it grows still on the market. The secret to selling a home quickly is it has to show well, be marketed well, and priced precisely. If you are looking to sell your home fast you'll want to read these tips.

  1. Get a storage unit

Fight the urge to shove all your clutter in a closet, because anyone who comes to your open house can and will look at your storage spaces. Then they will see the disorganization, the overstuffed closets and believe you are a slob who doesn't take care of your things. What you should do is buy yourself a storage unit for a few months. Put a third of your belongings in there while your house is on the market so your clutter won't scare off buyers. 

  1. Have a professional stage and photograph your home

A professional home stager views your home from the buyers point of view. They will see how to highlight your strengths and hide your flaws. The first thing a buyer will see are the listing photos. These are proven to help sell a home quicker. Staging your home is necessary because it markets it in a way that is neutral to whoever walks in, allowing them to see the home as they may one day wish it to be. 

  1. Find the right real estate agent

Hiring the right real estate agent is crucial when selling your home. They need to have a strong track record of sales that proves they know what they are doing. Are they familiar with the neighborhood? Can they see your home and tell you what to do to make it more appealing? They should be the guardian angel you never had. Look at their reviews online and see what other clients have had to say about them. One last thing they should do is market the hell out of your house. The best way to do that today is online, so make sure they hire a professional photographer, and use those photos through every social media platform available.

  1. Market it yourself

This is also your house too, so do your part and help sell it. Use your social media accounts to promote it to family and friends. They may know someone who is house-shopping and might like your house. 

  1. Remove your personal items

In order to allow possible buyers to believe they can see themselves in this home you need to remove all personal items like family photos, memorabilia, etc. take down all your art that reflects your taste, it could be unappealing to a potential buyer.

  1. Make little upgrades

You probably won't get your money back if you sink a ton of money into major remodels. What you should do is make little upgrades in the kitchen and bathrooms. Install some new light fixtures, shower curtains, etc. They are inexpensive and can give the room whole new life to a room. These will have a big impact.

  1. Lights on

Rooms with poor lighting can be depressing. Change that by letting in some natural light, or artificial will do. Go buy the highest wattage bulbs you an for that picture. Even a fresh coat of paint can help rooms shine a bit brighter. Cleaning the baseboards and walls will even add a new layer of shine to them. 

  1. Jack up the curb appeal

When potential buyers walk up the curb appeal is the first thing they will see. First impressions are everything, so if your outside doesn’t wow them, you’re already slow out of the gate. Spruce up your lawn by trimming the bushes, edging the lawn, picking up debris in your yard, and putting on a new layer of mulch. Don’t be afraid to bring out the power washer and clean all the surfaces you see. Clean anything you see, the bird crap on the sidewalk, the brass on your door knobs, and the cobwebs at the top of your porch. 

  1. Sell at the right time

There’s no doubt spring and summer are the hottest months to sell your home. If time is on your side and you can wait until then, you may reap some serious rewards. However, just know that waiting until then will mean that there will be more inventory on the market, and buyers can be a bit picker. Pricing your home just right is also key. If there’s a magic number you are trying to sell your home for, it doesn’t mean buyers will pay that. Do your homework and work with your agent to find the right price that will make you happy, and be realistic for buyers in the market.   

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