Apartment Amenities You Don't Need

Searching for an apartment with the luxury amenities is not only a waste of time, but a bigger waste of money. You probably got super excited when you saw this complex has a gym, pool, washer and dryer combo, and a game center, but with the amount of time you will actually be using these things doesn’t compare to what it could cost you. Here are the seven top amenities that can end up biting you in the end.

Outdoor pool

Pools only work in Florida because the rest of the country has only a couple months in which they can use it. You’ll have four months tops to enjoy something you’ll be paying for all year. There may be a year here-and -there when summer ends and you realize you never even got in. There’s also a good chance this pool will be pretty puny, which isn’t conducive to a ton of fun.

Community deck

One giant deck serves a place for everyone to share a place to grill out, read the morning paper, and watch the sun go down. As great as all this sounds, the entire complex will be sharing it also, meaning there will be a battle for space. We all know the one guy who treats communal spaces as their own, and is anal about it, so keep him in mind thinking this is so great. There could also big crowds a few times a week who aren’t exactly quiet. If you are a social butterfly this could work for you, if not, you won’t be fond of this area.


Gyms are tricky because there are two sides to this story. Yes there’s a gym right below you and you’re all out of excuses to not workout. The other side is it’s tiny, and packed with other sweaty people. Chances are it doesn’t have a lot of little things we take for granted at a regular gym, like a kettlebell. The good news is you don’t have to pay for your membership to your neighborhood gym. The other side to that is you will be paying for the upkeep of this gym that you barely use.  

Washer dryer combo

How awesome is it to have your very own washer/dryer combo in your apartment? It will be small since there’s not a lot of space to begin with. These smaller units are known for breaking often, and not working efficiently. It will take you three times as long to get your clothes clean than if you drove across town to a laundromat.


How many times have you taken a bath this year, and what about last year? We both know your number is in single digits, giving this piece no promise to use it in the future. Bathtubs are out these days, \people want rain head showers.

Pool tables

How often will you be playing a few games to wind down the night? It will be in a common area, so you’ll have to grab it when you can. Never discount the fact that the equipment may go missing, or become broken mysteriously.


Theatres are slowly going out of style as streaming has become the norm. Also it has become a daily ritual instead of a special event. We find it difficult to sit through an entire movie as we are leaving our seats, checking our phones, etc. While a theatre room seems like a luxury, it’s just an excuse to pay for a fancy room that provides less quality than your living room TV. 

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