Be a Staging Star

It's important to set your home as the prime example of what a selling house is supposed to be. You don't have to wait for a TV crew to come help you make your home into a new one, you can do it yourself with these tips.

1. Remove the Clutter- You need to reduce the clutter in your home to let the buyer's eyes move freely around your home. Clutter won;t allow them to see the true space your home has to offer. Their eyes will be filled with the clutter and dust on your fireplace of the living room.

2. Organize- Once the clutter is gone, it's time to organize everything you've left behind. Built-in storage units are a great way to organize everything you decided to keep. Invest in a few plastic tubs to keep all your belongings in so they aren't laying around in plain sight. It also helps to label them.

3. Clean- It's best to have your home looking like it is ready to be moved in when they buyers are ready to seal the deal. Your home needs to look and smell clean. Mop, vacuum, scrub the baseboards, and clean every surface. This is a god time to hire a cleaning service.

4. Refresh the Paint- Walls turn dingy with time, so put on a new coat to freshen the room a little.

5. Room Appropriate- Make sure when buyers are coming in to see your home they see exactly what they were expecting to see. If your house says 3 bedrooms, make sure it's not just 2 bedrooms and an office, or a craft room.

6. Create Ambiance- Ambiance is the way a home makes you feel. Some homes require a specific lighting to give a good vibe, others needs a homey and warm atmosphere. To make a home appeal to buyers you should buy a few vanilla candles, light the fireplace, get a area rugs, and bake a few cookies.

7. Staging Outdoors- Don't forget about the outdoor rooms, because buyers are placing more emphasis on the great outdoors. The way to do this is buy some simple outdoor furniture, pillows, and plants.

8. Leave No Closet Unturned- Buyers will open your closets to see the storage space. Don't store all your clutter in them, instead sort them buy color coding clothes and storing away small things. if you can afford it  invest in a built-in stoage unit.

9. First Impressions- it is uber important to set the tone when a buyer looks at your house. This means set the front of your home as a prime example as to what is to come. Front doors should have a fresh coat of paint, yards should be freshly groomed, and a welcome mat or flowers are a great finishing touch.

10. New Eyes- One of the most important tips for staging your home is seeing it through fresh eyes. The way we see a new home isn't the way buyers see them. See your home through the eyes of a new buyer, and be honest with yourself.

Staging your home is crucial in getting it sold. Doing these little jobs can sell a a house and inspire buyers to let it become whatever they want it to be. Give your house some care before you sell it. You and your house will surely appreciate it.

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