Best Ways to Update Your Louisville Kitchen

The kitchen is where a family spends most of its time. So if you are building your own home, or buying an existing home you plan on remodeling, the kitchen is the best (and most expensive) place to start. I will let you in on some of the most recent trends that make it one of the best rooms in the house.

  1. Make the kitchen open to the family room – rarely do people feel a room is too open.  Families today want everything to be together, so what better place than those in the kitchen mingling with those in the family room. Open room are the new trend!
  2. Plenty of stylish cabinets – Homes today are needing more and more storage than homes in the past, especially in the kitchen. It is ideal to fit as many cabinets in as you can while also having the right amount of windows and open spaces. Stylish cabinets look the best, but the style really depends on your own taste.
  3. Functional layout – functionality never goes out of style. Make as much space around the cooking surface as you can. Do not let any important kitchen piece (fridge, garbage can, sink, etc.) be too far away from the rest.
  4. Countertops that make a statement – Kitchen countertops really pull the room together. This is still all your choice though. Just make sure that they complement the cabinets and floors.  You can never go wrong with Carrera marble or granite. There are still plenty of choices out there, just be sure to pick what you are willing to live with for a while!
  5. High-end appliances – In most cases, high-end appliances perform better and last longer. Also, when you have these brand names, potential buyers will get a sense that this kitchen is special. Not only do they come in style, but they are absolutely beautiful.
  6. Today’s colors please – Like the fashion industry, interior designs can really make a person’s jaw drop. Begin with a subtle base from the neutral family, and accept it with a different color. Silvers still lead the way for that metallic finishes, but oiled bronzes work great also.
  7. Largest pantry you can manage – This one goes back to having a lot of storage. For people who are Costco and Sam’s shoppers, extra-large pantries come in handy. Cabinets sometimes do not cut it, so that’s why pantries are helpful. The bigger the better!
  8. Don’t forget the floors – Having a nice floor is one of the most important parts of a kitchen. Yes they will be costly, but it’s also an investment. Laminate or brick floors are not for today’s styles, so that’s why you should stick to hardwood or tile. Go with high-quality, which will usually compliment the design aesthetic of your space. All the other amenities of your kitchen will shine when the right flooring is placed beneath it.

These are the answers to the most important question about kitchen renovation. Feel free to seek professional advice if needed, but this should answer most questions. Hope your kitchen turns out beautiful!

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