Blogging for Us Left-Handed People

Is everything in your home made for a right-handed person? If you or one of your family members is left-handed cut them a break, and make it a little homier by adding a couple left-handed makeovers to the house.

Nine out of every 10 people is right-handed so it only makes sense that homes are made for right-handed people. Despite this statistic, there are still south [paws in the world.

Household appliances can be adapted to each’s comfort from fridges to faucets. Typically the engineers build for right-handed people, but here are ten ways to fix it up for those of us who are left-handed.


  1. Left-handed doors – All depending on the layout of your home, left-handed doors might not be much of an option, but if it can fit with your furniture and layout, this is one easy way. The best way to tell if a door is left-handed by opening it, putting your back to the hinges. And if it is to the left, we have a left-handed door.
  2. Left-handed sliding glass patio door – Sliding doors always slide in the direction of your dominant hand. A left-handed door slides open to the left, and vice versa. In order to make this change, you’ll have to buy it, or be the world’s best DIYer.
  3. Cabinet doors in kitchen – We use our dominant hands when going to grab cereal, cabinet doors, and items in the oven. Consider this when ordering your next cabinets; it will have a much smoother feel.
  4. Sink – a left-handed sink is where the drainer is on the right. If you cannot afford a left-handed sink, there are a few things you can do. If your dishwasher is on the left, there’s a start. You can place the drying rack to the left as well. And on the left is the ideal spot for paper towels and soaps.
  5. Kitchen accessories – Get yourself a pair of left-handed kitchen tools. What you will need is a left measuring cup, and can opener.
  6. Side tables - Putting your accent table on the left side of the couch will not only make you comfortable, but let someone else fumble with the remote and weaker hand for a change.
  7. “Right” side of the bed – Sleeping on your dominant hand side of the bed makes life easier. If you are right-handed and sleep on the left side of the bed, you’ve probably knocked a few thigs off the bedside table before.
  8. The right vanity – If your bathroom has a double vanity, claim the correct one. Put as much space between you and their stuff as possible for easy grabs, and efficiency in there.
  9. Hand towels – it’s almost too easy for us lefties to dry our hands on the left, but if there isn’t space for a towel, consider a countertop towel stand. You might also try a floor towel stand to the left.
  10. There’s a left-handed only store in San Francisco and it will provide you with a multitude of left handed products. Go in and stock your home up with everything you’ll need.  

Good Luck with the transformation!

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