Boosting Cell Signals in Your Home

Are you living in an apartment with terrible cell phone reception? No matter where you stand inside your calls always seem to fail. The lobby or hallways have full bars, but the moment you step inside your place the magic bars suddenly drop to one bar. Everyone knows how frustrating flakey cellphone service can be. There are explanations on why this happens, and the solutions are right here.


Your buildings cellphone antenna

Cell providers put their cell sites near or close to the ground, because that’s where people are usually. Sometimes they are on the corners of buildings 20-30 feet up, angled facing the street. If you live on the 40th floor, you might be out of luck.

Building materials can block radio signals

Big bulky metal objects, tinted windows, concrete, all interfere with your cellphone reception. Often times, stepping outside on the balcony or holding your phone out the window will improve your reception.

Living in a densely populated area

Have you ever noticed service tends to slowdown during nights and/or on the weekends, or when you attend a big event half the city is going to? The more people who use the network, the slower it runs. Each tower has a finite amount of radio channels it can use, so the endless amount of people drawing from it slows it down considerably. Once it has reached its capacity, you will have all the bars you need, but it won’t provide you with any data or call service.


Buy a cellphone booster

This is truly an investment because these things are not cheap. They usually run anywhere from $400 - $1,000. These little machines pick up cell signals, and amplify it, but you need to have a strong signal for it to even work. Sometimes these boosters are put outside windows to pick up the signal. Some apartment complexes don’t allow this for safety reasons, and it can also be an eyesore. Lastly, you need to register these with your cell carrier.

Enlist a femtocell

AKA a microcell uses your internet connection to reinforce your cellphone. You plug it right into your modem or router and use your internet connection to boost your cell signal. The only thing about this is you buy these directly from your cell provider, and you know that means it’s not cheap. They can be as expensive as $200, but if you know how to complain politely and properly, you might be able to make yourself a deal. You should know this only works with your designated provider. If you have AT&T and your roommate has Verizon, it will not work for whoever didn’t buy the femtocell.

Enable Wi-Fi calling on your smartphone

Most iPhone 6’s and Android cell phones can be turned on to use in-home Wi-Fi connection to make calls. If you have an iPhone 6, go to “settings” – “Phone” and it should be the first option. AT&T, T-Mobile, and Sprint all offer Wi-Fi calling, and Verizon only recently began offering it. Not all phones offer this, so check with your provider to see if your phone does.

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