Buying a Home After a Separation

Buying a Home After a Separation

Breaking up with a long-term partner is never easy, and divorce can be worse. It’s even worse when it involves dividing up belongings, dealing with emotions, and giving up things that we hold sentimental value to.  The usual knife in the hart is losing the home.

Often times people go through post-divorce grief. This is where people sink into a depression and live in a space, merely existing. They do not decorate their new home, refuse to paint, entertain, etc. It’s just a habitable couple of rooms. Not only are they sad about losing a relationship, but they are sad about losing their dream home.

In order to recover, one must recognize their own role in the loss and forgive themselves. They must not see selling their home as a failure defining them or their ex. Once the emotional work is taken care of, it’s time to take care of your financial life. Your credit might take a little hit, so you should work on that a bit. The moment you begin in search of your new dream home, and put in actual effort, you’ll be surprised how life begins to open up again.

Now that you’re beginning again, look for a home that is reasonable. It’s not advised to go buy a home with a huge mortgage only to destroy your credit after you built it up again. There’s a god chance you’ll be downsizing after this separation. So let’s take a look at five tips to make this transition easy.


  1. Trust the process – Honesty is the best way to connect with your real estate agent. Open up to them and let them become a part in your success.
  2. Create your own story – Everyone lives their own lives, and just because it took a friend of yours a couple years to find a home after their divorce doesn’t mean it will be the same for you.
  3. Relax and chill – Your home is out there, it just needs to be found and have your personal touch.
  4. Don’t focus too much on size – Have you ever heard the phrase “less is more?” Just because you’ve downsized means there’s less to take care of. Now it’s time to live better with less.
  5. Remember the journey – The storm you have braved has brought you to this new shore, and the entire beach is yours!

Leaving a house isn’t the end, it’s a new beginning. Don’t beat yourself up over losing a house; it didn’t love you back anyway. So bring out your special mementos that say “this is home.” It’s all part of moving forward, new hopes and new dreams. Take that giant step and don’t look back!

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