Buying Your First Louisville Home- Know How It's Yours

     There is no perfect home. Too many clients say "I wish I could take this home and put it on that one's lot". There are plenty of Louisville homes. With the size of Louisville, homes are not difficult to find. Currently there are 5,800 single family homes and 1,000 condos. This doesn't even count the vacant lots, multi-family homes, farms. Do yourself a favor and read about the Louisville real estate market and get informed.

     There are not-so-good neighborhoods, houses with structural damage, and you need to become aware of these factors. However, there isn't one thing you cannot read about; and that is the moment when you realize after countless hours of search, you've found the right house. It is the feeling of finding home.

     As a first time home buyer, you may get discouraged after all the searching, but don't get down. It may take awhile before you find the right place to call home, and you may feel that it was all wasted effort. Many clients find the point of frustration right before they find the right home. Louisville adds 20-50 listings every day. So the numbers are out there, just find the right home design that inspires you.

     You will know when a home is right for you when you feel it. You can just walk in and image your furniture in it. You can imagine mowing the grass and everything fits in perfectly and all the small imperfections don't really matter. Your real estate agent will want you to be happy with your purchase, so it is crucial that you communicate effectively to them stating the criteria desired. They will need a feel for what you want and then show you what is available. A good agent will never give up until you find the place that you've wanted from the beginning. 

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