Checking Your Assessment

This is a follow up from the last posting about checking your assessments. Appealing your assessment could increase your property value by large amounts. Here is how to check your assessment.

Typically the period to appeal your assessment is 10-30 days. depending on your local governement. It's best to figure out the actual timeframe by calling your local assessment office. Once you have figured out the proper time frame, you need to review what is called the 'property record card' which is a summary of the characteristics of your home. Make sure each room is accounted for with no mistakes. Each extra added room drives up the value of your home. If you have recently added new additional features to your home, bec cautious of an appeal because it will drive the value up. If you feel that your property is overvalued by a few thousand dollars, then it is worth the appeal process. However, repeated flooding, leaky roof, constant breaks in floors, etc will have the effect of decreasing the value of your home, so make sure your assessor has accounted for all these. 

That's all for checking your assessment, but next time I will guide you through the actual process of appealing your assessment. Stay tuned for tomorrows new article.

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