Clean That Closet Out!

How often do you walk into your closet and tell yourself you’ll lean it out soon? We all tell ourselves that, but rarely do it. It’s probably time to get rid of a bunch of clothes you haven’t worn in years. Take the initiative and clean that closet! It will be easy and worth your time. You’ll be happy you did and it will only take an hour.

The Purge

Donate just a little time occasionally to clean your closet, or go after it all at once. Keep a container in your closet or bedroom that is a donation bag. Whenever you come across a piece of clothing or an item that you no longer use, toss it in the donation bag. When the bag is full, or you’re finished cleaning out the unused items, take that bag to a donation center. 

You can’t wear it if it doesn’t fit

No matter how attached you are to a special pair of paints, if it doesn’t fit, you cannot wear it. It makes zero cents to keep the items that are old and don’t fit right anymore. The only exception is if you are a gym rat and have a plan of wearing it again soon, while being able to hold yourself to a commitment. 

New seasons and chances

When the seasons change you bring out a whole new wardrobe. If you didn’t wear that sweater last winter, you won’t be wearing it this winter. If the gaudy tank-tee you love never left your closet last summer, it sure isn’t going to this summer. Get rid of these items!

Use the plus one, minus one approach

Just bought a pair of new jeans? Put them in a nice place in your closet, but dat forget to take out the old pair that are collecting dust. The idea is that if you go hopping and come home with ten new items, you should remove 10 items that you previously had. 

Donate it

Think how much of you stuff will never enter our landfills if you they can be reused by someone else. One man’s garbage is another man’s treasure. Even if you think your stuff isn’t good enough to be donated, someone out there will want it.

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