Cleaning Hacks: How to get Your Security Deposit Back

Moving is always stressful, and wondering if you are going to get your security deposit back is one of the worst things to worry about. If you’ve been a good tenant and left the place like you found it you will probably get it back. Sometimes there are things you are responsible for like the typical wear and tear, like nickel sized holes in the walls, scratches on the floor, etc.

In order to not pay for damages that you didn’t do, do a little prep work before you move in. Request an inspection with the landlord noting every little scratch you see. Doing this will make it known what was already there, and you’ll get a feel for how strict the landlord is.

Here are some other helpful hacks to get your security deposit back.

Buff out scuff marks on the floor – Find yourself a tennis ball and a stick, and attach the ball to the end of the stick and start rubbing all marks on the floor and watch them fade. Don’t be afraid to use some muscle here, you won’t hurt the floor.

Get rid of mildew on grout – Most apartment complexes will take care of requests, so if your tile has a shade of green to it, ask them to clean it. If you fail to do anything about it, and it grows worse during your stay, they might charge you for it when you decide to move out. The best way to get rid of dirty grout is to soak a piece of cotton coil in bleach and scrub the grout. After a gentle scrub, leave the cotton on the grout overnight and it will come up with the cotton when you peel it off the next morning.

Repairing holes in walls – If you’ve mounted TVs, pictures, or anything with some weight there will most likely be holes in the walls. GO to the hardware store; grab some lightweight spackle and a putty knife. Put ample amounts of spackle on the hole and let it dry. Sand it down flush with the wall once it’s dry and it will be ready to go.

Remove grease or burnt-on food in the oven – Create a paste like substance with baking soda and water and coat the oven with it. Let it stay overnight and wipe it down with a cloth the next day. If any areas are giving you a tough time, put some vinegar to the spot and wipe it away.

Clean a dirty microwave – The time when you heard your food crackling in the microwave and never bothered to inspect to see if it exploded on the walls, yeah that food is still there. Take a bowl of water and lemon juice and microwave it for 3-5 minutes, and let it sit for another five. The steam will loosen up whatever is stuck to the walls. Wipe away and you’ll have a clean microwave.

Decoloring crayon from walls – If you’ve got toddlers, there’s a good chance they’ve drawn on the walls. Crayon is quite easy to remove; all you need to do is put some non-gel toothpaste on it and rub it with a soft brush. Remove any leftover toothpaste with a damp sponge, and there you go.

Carpet stains – for little stains mix two tablespoons of salt with white vinegar and scrub away. If they are quite heavy stains, make the same concoction, but this time add two tablespoons of borax.

Wife up refrigerator spills – Cleaning out your fridge may be a bit nasty, so once everything is out, look for any spills that were never treated. Take a tablespoon of baking soda, one teaspoon of dish soap, and 5 cups of warm water, and use a cloth to wipe down whatever mess there is. While you’re at it, wipe down the entire outside of the fridge too. 

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