Common Fears of Selling Your Home

Having to sell your home is no simple task like taking the dog for a walk, or getting your car cleaned. It’s a huge, financial transaction with emotional ties, and practical implications. With all the stipulations of selling a home, and potential pitfalls, it could make anyone cower and forget about the idea all together. For those of us who are a little concerned, here are the biggest fears and how to handle them.

My house won’t sell

A home that sits week after week after week on the market is the number one fear for all sellers. This can be especially true if they are relying on the money from that home to buy another home. Rest assured any home can sell for the right price and right condition; it’s just a matter of the local market too. The moment you know you want to sell your house, talk to a real estate agent relatively soon. Plan ahead and know what you’re getting yourself into.

I’ll have to update my home to sell it

Most sellers know their homes need some work in order to attract a large group of potential buyers. Knowing is just half of the issue, the other half is actually doing it, and that part is often disregarded. The sooner they realize the condition of their home affects the sale price, the better off they will be. If you can afford to lose some money, leave some work for the next owner and do the bare minimum. If you are a good cleaner, stager, and repairman, you should get top dollar for your home. Ask the real estate agent for help on what you can do if you don’t know where to start.

My house won’t sell by my target date

If any major life event has you pressured to sell your home by a certain date, there’s no doubt about it you will be stressed. Realistically you are looking to get rid of it fast, which means putting the price below the average comparable sale. All buyers want a deal, so this will attract them for sure.

My agent wants to sell my home too low

You agents pricing strategy should be transparent and you all should come up with a price together. If they request you sell at a price lower than what you think, don’t be surprised, and offer may come within the first few days. If you and your agent cannot agree on a price, then you shouldn’t list with her. On the other hand, if you all don’t agree, and you keep hearing the same price from other agents, you are being unrealistic.

I don’t like people walking through my house

If you want to sell your home, you must open it up to the masses. If you don’t like it, then don’t sell your house. You will need to take down all your personal belongings and memorabilia, expensive jewelry, trinkets, and put them in a safe so no one can reach them. Yes it is recommended you decorate, but often times buyers want to see a naked home for what it really is.

Selling a home is quite a process and can scare away many people. Know that you are not alone, and it has been done many times before. Talk to as many people as you can and know what to expect. Having the right plan and right team can make this process smooth. Best of luck!

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