Considerations When Pricing Your Home

No two home is exactly the same, each with a different design and story, they are priced separate, but unique. It's difficult to pin price a home, but there are a few small things you can do to find A relative price. 
One of the best things you can do is look at the recent sales in the area and particularly in your neighborhood. Do your homework and add in a little extra market research and talk to your agent and you can come up with a pretty accurate price.
Here are several rules-of-thumbs to remember when pricing your house.

Look at recent comps

Markets are ever-changing so you'll want to only  look at the last three months comparable sales. Check out the current pending sales to get a good idea. And if you look at homes from six months ago, just know they're a bit dated and the market has probably changed. 

Fixtures and finishes matter

Today's buyers would rather have a delightfully decorated home with neutral finishes and fixtures as opposed to an unrenovated home.
It's important to look at homes objectively. Other buyers will too, so if your home is not updated, you won't get top dollar for your home. 
Chances are the money you spend on your upgrading, is less than the differences in value. 

Each home is unique

Homes with similar square footage and amenities should sell for the same price right? Absolutely not! One homes bedrooms may all be on the top floor, while having a much sweeter master bath, and the other homes kitchen is connecting to the dining room. Each home has its own layout, which some can be more valuable than others. 
Buyers really pay for the better floor plans which have a much more convenient flow to them. Open floorplans are currently more valuable in today's market. 

Little nuances in the market will alter price

We say "comparable homes" loosely bc it takes a lot of similarities to be a true "comp". A house that is similar to yours down the block could be in a different school zone or text district which highly affects its value. 
Maybe a smaller home in the neighborhood across the street sold for 15% Baugher there you are is where it could be because it's on a larger lot, or the builder put a little extra work into it. 

Look at the homes for sale

Nobody wakes up one day and says they want to sell their home. When you want to sell you become immersed in the market. To go explore open houses nearby to get a good feel.
Homes you saw in March could very easily be pending or sold by the time you are ready to sell in June. If they are still on the market after a few months, there's probably something wrong with the pricing. 
When you go house shopping consider which floor plans work best for you and notice the finishes and fixtures would add value to your home. 
Good sellers are informed. Trusting yourself a little can be beneficial instead of relying entirely on your agent. 

Agent can be a resource 

The sooner you bring a professional real estate agent into the matter the better. Good agents stay up-to-date with the market and know which neighborhoods are hot. They have the insight to getting a better value for your home and how to do it.
Listen to them for the most part, but also remember to trust yourself of something feels a little off.

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