Construction in Louisville Has a Long Road to be Recovered

     The Louisville Housing market is showing tremendous signs of recovery, but we are not out of the woods yet. One of the healthiest things a market can show is construction. It means people are working, people are investing, buying, and selling. It also shows consumer confidence.

     Tara Brinkmoeller is the Director of Public Affairs and Communication for the Home Builders Association of Louisville. She had an interview recently, and here's what she had to say.

          "We hear things are actually getting better. Our Homearama this year was outstanding, which took place in two sites and most of the Homearama homes sold,and a couple with multiple offers."

     Precise data isn't easy to come by due to the nature of the construction phases. Many homes are sold via contract, but some homes are made to spec, so these homes won't be listed in the MLS or listed in the data.

     For this reason the HBAL gets its permit building data from local governments. So far for 2012 1,079 building permits have been issued, which is up from 1,027 from the entire 2011 year. David Crowe, an economist  for the HBAL predicts that building permits will rise to 4,500-5,000 by 2015. Hopefully he is right, but that's a 350% increase.

     Brinkmoeller also mentioned that she noticed a trend in Louisville, noticing better usage of space with much less waste. They want space that can serve for many purposes. She also pointed out that outdoor living spaces like screened in porches and fire pits are on the rise. They flow with the interior of the home.

      We are on the rise!

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