Decorating on a Dime

Having a tight budget doesn't mean you can't buy nice things and be restricted to cheap furnite. You just need to know where to shop.

The best way to get great deals is to find the sales. Retail businesses want you business these days, and they offer one-day sales, weekly clearance, and many offer coupons offered online. All it takes is a little research and you can find where the best deals are.

Since you will be decorating on a budget, you will have to compromise on which items you buy. So the $500 flat screen TV at Best Buy will have to wait. Instead try H.H. Gregg, or Wal-Mart, they will have something similar at a cheaper price, but not the exact same TV you originally wanted.

Garage, yard, and estate sales are also good spots to find good decorations. They fit well in someone else's house, so they may fit well in yours. You may find some real winning prize pieces there such as antiques and handmade pieces. Or you may find nothing, but don't ever pass up a good sale if you are looking for good deals.

 It's important not to get sidetracked and buy furniture pieces that don't fit your style. You will end up with more clutter than you planned.

If you're really struggling tis time for plan B. Your friends probably have some cool items they are looking to get rid of, so set up a meeting with them and try to do some trading.

You could also reuse your items. Go into your storage space and find some old items and be creative. See what they could serve, and where they can go and make a new statement.

Also when you're strapped, don't be affraid to do-it-yourself. Most local home improvement stores offer classes and brochures on how to tile, texture paint, and upgrade other areas of your home. You can find other online tutorials on how to build furniture, shelving, and other household items. have confidence in your abilities, and save some money. You can have a great house with awesome room inside with some smart saving.

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