DIY Staging When Trying to Sell

Technical staging can be the difference between your house selling quickly and sitting on the house for months. We all know staging does help, but which staging projects help the most? Here are the best six projects to do when you are trying to sell your house.


Dirty homes give the potential buyers the idea that your home isn’t taken care of. If thorough cleaning isn’t one of your skills, then hire a professional cleaning service to clean the hell of the place. Make sure they get windows and light fixtures. Before each showing, take the time to wipe off every surface, window sill, and it wouldn’t hurt to add an air freshener.

Remove personal mementos and décor

Pack up your wedding photos and get them out. The buyer doesn’t want to see your photos, they want to envision theirs. This will also help ease the emotional attachment of the home.

Reduce, remove, and let go

Having too much stuff around the house can bring the size down a bit, and even make it feel overcrowded. Figure out what stuff that is lying around has a specific home or not. Put everything where it belongs. Once everything is out of the way, take back out a few items that make for a good picture, like a nice painting, or a vase. Put the items in rooms you want people to look at, so it’s attracting them. You can also use them to distract from one part of the room. If there’s a low-grade piece of furniture, you can place a rally nice flower in the room to be the room’s attraction.

 New paint never hurts

Having a fresh coat of paint, does wonders for a home. It brightens the room, kills most odors, and makes it feel new. Even touching paint up can make miracles happen, but be careful when trying to match an existing color. It could really backfire. Most paint stores offer color matching services so it shouldn’t be too difficult.

Light the rooms up

The more light you allow in a home; the better. Having plenty of light is important during walk through, or open houses. It gives everyone a welcoming feeling. One mental trick is to add a pretty fixture of some sort, near the window to draw attention in that direction.

Don’t overcomplicate it

IF you try to make your home too fancy, it could turn off some buyers. Let your home be your home, don’t turn it into something it’s not. If it is a starter home, let it be a starter home, not some bachelor pad in West Hollywood.

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