Easiest Way to Saving Money Around the House

One of the easiest and best ways to save money just by being at home is to unplug everything that isn’t necessary all the time. This can go a long way throughout the course of a month.

Walk around your house but keep an eye out for all the outlets. Are they being used? If so, by what? In my house I can see a coffee maker, three TV’s, a microwave, a few lamps, a charger, a toaster, and that’s only on the first floor.

These little gadgets that are seemingly always plugged in add to your electric bill daily, even when you’re not using them. This is called Phantom Power use. They are just using power while they are plugged in. The average house has about 40 gadgets to plug in. Having this running all the time can contribute to 10% of your energy bills, costing you $100 a year. Here’s a list of appliances that you should unplug when not in use, and some of the ones that aren’t costing you a penny while plugged in.


  1. Small kitchen appliances – Obviously leave your bigger appliances plugged in, but take out the coffee makers, food processors, microwaves, toasters, electric can openers etc. Basically if it has a clock on it it’s using energy. The ones without are using energy, but slightly less.
  2. Chargers – I know I have a bad habit of leaving my chargers plugged in. Whether it is to my phone, laptop, vacuum, once your device has reached full charge, unplug it.
  3. Entertainment system – This one is the king of all wasted energy. All the colorful lights blinking and flashing while you sleep. The stereo system is displaying phrases, while the cable box changes the little clock every minute of the night. Yes waiting for these to reboot is a hassle when you want to use it again, but just make a devout effort to kill the wait time by doing it right when you get home from work. You should definitely unplug this while you go on vacation.
  4. Computers – Screen savers don’t save jack, and sleep mode doesn’t save you anything. Try to make habit unplugging hour computer every night. While you save energy, you are also protecting your computer from any serious damage. Definitely do this during a storm because if your house gets struck, there’s a good chance it will fry your computer if it’s sitting there still plugged in.

Leave it in!

  1. Ancient, non-digital devices – Older models of almost anything hardly use much power at all. Check to see if it has a clock on it. The clock test is a good indicator if it uses power.
  2. Power strips – You can always leave these plugged in. Every house needs a couple of these. Let’s say you plug your coffee maker, guitar amp, printer, and TV into a strip, simply flip the switch when you’re finished and all power is cut off. Phantom use can’t even get past this one.

Hope this has helped and influenced you to save some money and energy.

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