Establishing a Relationship With your Real Estate Agent

     One of the most important things you can do when buying or selling property is to establish a trusting relationship with your real estate agent. It's vitally important that you have a good relationship with this person because they are the one who is going to be buying and selling your home.This is the person that will be giving you advice along the way, which is why trusting them is super important.

     Other People's Opinions- there's no doubt you will be faced with other people's opinions. You will be getting examples of what worked for other people when it came to buy and sell their home, and how it should work for you. Your agent might tell you the very opposite leaving you to be very confused.

It's important to understand that real estate transactions differ from one area of town t0o the next. If friends and family are giving you advice on selling when they live in Bowling Green, it won't be the same when you are trying to sell your home in Louisville. I would listen to your agent because they know the area and the market more than your family and friends.

     The Times Change- You may also be getting advice from people who sold their home years ago. Take this into account when you are taking your real estates advice. The markets change from one month to the next in real estate, and that's a fact.

     Experience- One thing to remember is that your friends aren't real estate agents, and the only experience they have with the industry is personal. Shrug off any pressure from outside influences and trust in your agent.

     The Agent is on Your Side- Selling your house is a win-win situation. You sell your house, and your agent makes a commission for all their hard work. Your agent has invested much time and energy into selling your house so they are sure to get a positive outcome for both parties. When you sign an agent, its crucial that you have a good trusting relationship.

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