Every Tool A DIY Should Have in Their Toolbox

Before you move into any new rental unit, or home there is one item everybody needs. That item is a toolbox with the essential basics. This isn’t just the basic hammer and nails I’m talking about. Unless you are living in a house made of gold that doesn’t fall apart, you will need to put some work into it from time to time. You will be thankful you’ll have the right tools so you don’t have to call someone. Below are the list of essential tools every DIYer needs.

  1. Screwdriver set – This will be your most used tool is your bo0, as you will use it on almost everything. Pick up a quality drill, and different size Phillips, flat-head, screwdrivers.
  2. Hammer – Get yourself a hammer that feels heavy enough to get the job done, but also one that feels comfortable in your hand.
  3. Measuring tape – the 25-foot tape measurers are the perfect size. Get one that can lock with a toggle of a button. This will be used in nearly every home improvement project from hanging pictures and shelves, to measuring a room you plan on painting.
  4. Pliers – Locking pliers can handle almost every little task you come across, but if it’s a plumbing job you will want groove-joint pliers. Take a look at channel locks too, those are for the heavier plumbing projects.
  5. Utility knife and blades – Having a quality knife is one of the best tools you can have. It gets the job done every time, and you don’t have to use your kitchen knives or keys to cut items open. Keeping extra blades is handy too, this way you can change them easily and have a fresh blade ready.
  6. Adjustable wrench – tightening and loosening bolts will need to be done from time to time, so this is where this tool comes in handy.
  7. Level – Levels are some of the greatest tools in any box because it has the power to make everything symmetrical. Without it, pictures will be crooked. It can also serve as a straight edge, so get a 3-foot one and it should handle most entry-level DIY jobs.
  8. Putty knife – this is to patch small holes, and if you’ve ever tried patching it without one, it’s a real struggle. This tool also has a few uses you will find.
  9. Flashlight – Power sometimes goes out, and when it does you will want a reliable tool. You won’t want to be stuck in the dark until the power comes back on. You’ll be surprised how handy they are once you have one.
  10. Safety glasses – safety is always rule number one with anything. You only have one pair of eyes, so keeping them intact is imperative no matter how small the job.
  11. Gloves – gloves [provide a strong grip, as well as protection to your hands.
  12. Power drill – you will need a 14 or 18 volt variable speed drill. These can handle almost any job, as long as it’s not too big. Be sure it comes with an extra battery too.
  13. Saw – hacksaws cut through most tough material like PVC and wood trim. Know how to change the blade because it will wear down quickly.
  14. Assorted screws, nails, and picture hangars – If you want anything hanging on your wall, this is what you need. Decorations are what make a home a home, so get these.
  15. A toolbox to hold it all – get yourself a simple toolbox to hold all of your wonderful new tools. If your skills improve as they should, you will need a bigger toolbox soon. 

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