Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac

So far in 2017 Fannie Mae has lowered the benchmark interest rate for standard mortgage modifications, and now is about to do it again. 

Usually, Fannie and Freddie increase or decrease the benchmark interest rate together, but apparently not this time.

Last Wednesday they said they would be lowering the benchmark rate from 4.125% to 4%, but Freddie didn't make a statement about it. Housing wire has reached out to the government run entity, but they have yet to give a response. 

This January Freddie increased the benchmark from 3.87%to 4.25% which is the highest point it had been since July of 2015. But just this May, they both cut it back down to 4.125% together. 

Yet again Fannie is cutting the benchmark back down again. This number is influenced by prevailing market rates, so the GSE's change the benchmark intermittently to stay current w the market rates. 

January was the second treatment of an increase, since Fannie and Freddie did decreased the benchmark throughout 2016, even below 4%.

The GSE's dipped the standard mortgage modification benchmark interest rate to its lowest level ever at 3.5% in August 2016, and shortly after they started rising again. It made another spike in December, and even the month after in January.

We don't know if Freddie will be doing the same but for right now it's benchmark is 4.125%.

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