Find a Home With Your Partner

When you are single, it is advised to get an apartment. You really don't need that much room, and if you have a decent job, you can afford rent by yourself. If it is certain you can afford it, consider buying the apartment. Fast forward to the time when you are ready to buy a house. Hopefully you have a spouse to contribute to the mortgage. When you are searching you'll consider several different neighborhoods, house types, and other aspects.

Here are 5 aspects to help you search for your home with your partner.

1. Discuss Expectations- You should discuss your desired space and budget before you go look for houses with an agent to avoid any awkward moments while the agent is doing their job. A lot of expectations are reached by something similar to what you grew up in. Get a firm framework before you just blindly go into the market looking for something to throw your money at.

2. Define Dealbreakers- find a price range you will both be comfortable with. Also have some similar agreements like a house with pets. Do you want to be stuck in a place where there are no pets allowed, when you might want one down the road.

3. Figure out Finances- it doesn't have to be even if both sides consider it fair. Figure out with your spouse what each of you can contribute to make it fair. maybe one of you pays the mortgage while the other pays the bills. what about an emergency fund, or the down payment? Just come to a mutual agreement on what is fair. It doesn't have to be set in stone for 30 years, there is always room for renegotiation with your spouse.

4.Work out an Escape Plan- today's rates of divorce are 50% and knowing that is half the battle. Devise a plan with your spouse to what will become of the property if you do end in divorce. Marriage today is like spinning the roulette wheel-red or black. come up with an agreement if it doesn't work out, like one buys the other out, sell the property and split the earnings.

5. Have a Shopping System- Agents will like to let the couple see everything at the same time, but the rate at which they both like the same place is about a one-to-ten scale. what is suggested by some agents is for one spouse to look at all the properties and have the other pick from them. Whichever way you try to do it, just be patient you will end up with a home you love.

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