Four Tips to Make Your Bedroom Cozy Again

Is your bedroom lacking a certain feeling? Does it just not quite feel cozy enough when you lay down? Well I will give you four easy tips that will help transform your bedroom into the cozy castle it’s meant to be.

Since your room is lacking that specific something in the air, and let’s look around. Dirty socks and undies on the floor, got it. Throw pillows scattered throughout the floor, of course. Nightstand supplied with Kleenex and vitamins instead of candles and body lotions, sad but true. Our bedroom is supposed to be this romantic get-away that we are supposed to believe is the perfect setting. We are also supposed to believe each night our significant other is supposed to be intimate and romantic with us, but chances are they are leaving their dirty undies on your side of the bedroom, hot right? Well I can try to fix this with a few foolproof set of ideas to make your bedroom this cozy bungalow you’ve always wanted.

  1. Mood Lighting: Candles will never let you down, they bring sexy in the atmosphere. They allow you to turn off your lights and crawl back into bed without hurting yourself; not to mention that the minimal light it gives off creates an air of intimacy. You can also purchase the flameless candles. There are many dim lighting options here, some you can even buy to program. There’s a vast selection.
  2. Freshen Up: Wanting to be in the bed is the first step to sexy. Fresh sheets and properly made bed are much more inviting than used sheets with blankets thrown over everything. Concentrate on which fabrics you buy too. Certain fabrics (throw vs. down) gel better with certain seasons. Make sure you have the right blanket for the right touch. A pleasant fragrance never hurts to have in the air either.
  3. Change the Scenery: Put up very thin dark red or navy swath over your blinds. Move all portraits of other people out of the room, and replace them with photos of you and your spouse. Put away your electronics, and if agreed upon, put on a sexy movie you both enjoy. What would be even better is your slow jam Pandora station. Just remember your bedroom should be your cave made for two. Keep the rest of the world out of there.
  4. What are you waiting for: You know what to do from here.

God’s Speed!

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