Four Ways to Personalize Your Home

Honestly, buying a house in today's market sucks. There can be numerous let downs from financing to move-in. But one of the best parts about being a homeowner is the ability to make your house truly yours. You do this by customizing it exactly how you and your family want it. Here are four steps to personalizing your home.

1. Paint the inside and outside of your house to create the feeling you want.

     Painting a house is a significant part of creating your home. Studies show that the color you paint your home have great impacts on the mood levels and happiness levels of the residents inside the house.

Exterior- Paint the exterior of your house to your preference. What did your dream house look like, and what color was it? Keep these in mind when deciding the color of your house. 

Front door, shutters, & fences- Maybe you just bought a house that is freshly painted. If so, maybe consider painting one part of the house to give it your personal touch. Rusty reds, greys, blacks, aquas, and greens all do great for a polished entrance, all while adding a specialized knocker give it 100% personalized look. Finally, painting shutters and other exterior parts are inexpensive and give your home the look that it is actually yours.

Interior- When painting the inside of your home, you should aim to match colors to the purpose of the room. For example, bedrooms should resemble restfulness, bathrooms, clean, and living rooms, warming and energizing.

2. Inventory your personal items before you unpack

     Most home buyers are living closer to work and buying smaller homes to manage the cost of ownership. Even if your'e not moving into a small home, unpacking presents an oppritunity to customize your home to what you want to do in each room. You don't have to put your bed in your bedroom, or your kitchen table in the kitchen. It's your house put it where you want it.

Make a chart that maps out all the rooms in the house, even all the closets and extra spaces. organize what you want to do in each room, and what goes in each room. This will empower you to make sure each room has been assigned its purpose.

3.Build Organization

     Building ad-ons to your home can be inexpensive and require little time. Building items like window seats, shelves, medicine and linen cabinets, closet organizers, etc. Karl Champley just released a book 'Same Place, More Space'  about inspirations about which projecfts are possible.

4. Match your furniture to your space, your activities and your stuff.

     As you buy your furniture look for pieces that offer organization or storage features. For example, my family has tons of shoes for work, casual, sports, etc. and before you enter our house we have cubbys for each type of shoe. It keeps shoes from accumulating on the floor and taking up space. Also if your space inventory from your list above, has no palce to go, buy some armories. If you really want your home to look polished and like you're organized find a closed storage space for every time that should have a label.

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