Green Construction Predicted to Grow

     Green home construction is expected to grow significantly in the next four years according to the latest McGraw-Hill construction Smart Market Report. In 2011 the green home share was expected to grow by 17 percent, but that number for 2012 is expected to grow by an unbelievable 29-38 percent into 2016.

     In the current market there is a need to differentiate your homes from others. When builders can build green homes, they are not only offering higher quality, but higher value, and have a major edge over the traditional houses being built.

      Consumers want green homes for several reasons. First is they will save themselves money in the long run. Also these homes are perceived as higher quality. There are other factors that are driving green home growth. Two-thirds of builders have found that their customers have been requesting green homes in seek of lower energy costs.

     The higher costs of building green homes is less of a factor now than it was four years ago. The supply of green resources has increased which lowers the price of their cost for builders.

     There has surely been a shift in the market since green homes have taken charge of the market. The report found that 80 percent report that energy efficiency is making today's homes greener compared to the past. Energy efficiency is a huge feature that is growing in the market. It has become the top practice among builders and remodelers. 

     Another top consideration is indoor air quality. 95 Percent of green home builders are using this feature to attract their customers. These findings confirm the shift we have seen in the market. The factors that seem to be driving the market today are energy effeciency and sustainable waste management practices.

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