Helping Yourself Sell Your House

Selling your house is a process. If your home is a midsized suburban home, you best get it ready to sell to a millennial, or a gen-Xer, because that is your market now. If you can update your home to appeal to that market, your house will be ideal for younger generations. Here are five tips to use when readying your home to sell to younger generations.

  1. Backyard deck – Everyone, including millennials, love back yards and decks. If you have a tiny one, or don’t have one, consider building one. It gets them a place to relax outside.  If you cannot afford an all wood deck, do some research on composite deck materials. These are not as expensive, and require less maintenance than traditional pine wood decks. If you can put some lights aro0und your deck, it will surely add a pretty touch.
  2. Fancy kitchens – The kitchen is the one room that will always give you the highest ROI. It’s the one room where families spend most of their time. But what is a fancy kitchen compared to a regular kitchen? Here are the keys to a gourmet kitchen: state-of-the-art appliances, colorful and quality countertops, and plenty of storage spots.

Gourmet kitchens have multiple ovens. They have heating ovens, conventional ovens, and microwaves. This gives fancy cooks options when practicing their craft. They will also have multiple coolers/freezers in the kitchen too. The extra freezer is made for storage.

The counter tops are the real visual appeal. In the last decade, granite and marble countertops have been the hot trend. These look beautiful, and will last a lifetime. If you cannot afford these countertops, go for a laminate counter top that mimics granite or marble.

The last aspect of a kitchen is storage space. These include sliding spice racks, large pantry closets, and plenty of cabinet drawers. If you cannot afford all these updates, then go for a cosmetic update. Just throw in a new paint job, and some new counters, and it will look brand new.

  1. Open floor plan – How often does your family eat in the dining room. Most families today eat in the kitchen, or in the living room. If there is a wall that separates some rooms, consider knocking it out to open up the house. Open floor plans let people socialize while in other rooms, keep an eye on kids running around, and lets more light into the entire house.
  2. Balcony with a view – the first thing you want to do with a balcony is make sure there are plenty of welcoming seats. As long as plenty of seating is available, no one can feel left out. The next addition should be plants. Everyone loves plants, and they can create privacy too.
  3. Vegetable gardens – Most millennials are becoming green people now. They enjoy getting back to nature and eating healthy. If they have the know-how, they would be all about a backyard garden.  Build a little garden yourself, or point out a good spot to build one.

Doing these little things will move you a couple steps closer to getting your home sold quickly. Please feel free to share any experiences you may have.

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