Home Improvements to Avoid When Selling your Louisville Home

The basic idea when selling your home is to make it appeal to as many people as possible, so therefor it sells faster. When considering to make home improvements to your home, either by yourself or from a contractor, there are a few home improvements that will not add as much value to your home as you would think. So don't waste your time and money because you won't see any results when your home finally sells.


Every now and then adding some rooms to your home can be beneficial, but some people may find the extra room to just be added on. They see the room as unnecessary and not belonging with the rest of the house, which will ultimatly turn them off to your home.

If you do choose to add on to your home, they need to be as 'natural' as possible. Being the person who lives and has lived there for awhile, you may fel the room is natural and does belong to the house. So get some advice and help from a professional about design and greatly consider their suggestions.

Appropriate Finish Upgrades

Any type of upgrades that you are adding to your house need to match the rest of the house. When selling your home and a room is full of new technology and fancy equipment while the rest of your home is very modern, the room will look completely out of place. Again, it is about creating the flow of the home so it all flows together.


Most people won't even look at a home that has a pool because of the cost a pool carries. If you are considering a pool wait until your next house to get one because clearly you're trying to sell sometime soon without limiting your market.

Have a long talk with your agent about which home improvements you are considering before you actually start them. Your agent will let you know which improvements will bring you a return on your house and which ones will hinder your returns. Goodluck!

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