Homeowners Make it Personal When they Can't Move When Planned

     More than a quarter of Americans plan on staying in their home 20 years or longer than planned, and that's fueling a trend in personalized home improvements. 

     The National Association of Remodeling Industry (NARI) says personalizing spaces is a better plan thanworrying about market conditions that could ruin plans to move. 

     NARI claims that 26% of those surveyed in an online poll said they plan to stay an additional 16-20 yars where they are and another 23% said they would stay 6-10 years because home values have declined in the recent economic downturn.

     This tells quite a bit of what homeowners are expecting as a result of the recession.  Because many homes ahve decreased in value, many people want to stay in one spot much longer than they had originally had intended. However, this market action has caused another unintended reaction of a new remodeling trend. homes that better fit personal lifestyles are more suitable for the long run. 

    Remodeling use to be about fixing a home up to be sold for more than you paid for it, but not anymore. Remodeling has come to only fixing the house up to fit specalized and personal renovations taht suit only the residents needs. 

     This isn't just new fabrics, window covers, and such. Think of brand new kitchens, real work at home head quarters, tech centers, home movie theatres, art rooms, vehicle collection garages, wine cellars and tasting rooms, mini micro breweries, yoga studios, meditation rooms, and much more. If you can think of it, someone out there probably has it. The space is only limited by your imagination. 

     it is important to make your renovations a true reflection of your lifestyle and not just a whimsical, impulsive move to renovate. Make sure that whatever you decide to build is something that you will use, otherwise the space will be underutilized and unapprecaited. 



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