Homeowner's versus Pokémon Go

Pokémon Go has taken the country by storm, and not everyone is as equally enthused. Homeowners aren't so fond of it as it's causing some people to wander on their private property. Police have gone as far as issuing warnings to Pokémon Go players to stay off private and public places where they don't have access to go. 

The New York Police Department has issued warnings not only to stay off private property, but to not play while driving a car or riding a bike.

Police reports have been a little stranger lately; one report contained information saying a man's house was a gym where Pokémon can be trained. The homeowner said people started parking in front of his house and karge clusters of people began waving cell phones in his yard.

Not all experiences are so friendly. There have been reports of people tresspassing at 1 AM. At that point it could be construed as criminal. The defense of, "I was catching Pokémon" isn't going to hold up well in court. SO be sure if you are a Pokémon catcher, you do it where you have permission.  

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