Homeownership is Still the American Dream

The American dream has long been about a big loving family, retirement, and most importantly homeownership. Homeownership is still a top five priority in Americans mines at cording to ReportLinker. 

They conducted a survey in which priorities Americans value most, and homeownership dropped one spot from last year. Above them are academic goals, marriage, and obtaining your career goals.

On the flip-side, when they looked at long-term financial goals homeownership was at the top of the list, with 54% of responders believing that owning a home is of the utmost important financial goals, and 81% of them also said homeownership is the best long-term investment.

As bad as American’s want to become homeowners, they are still hurdling obstacles from 2008. The recession in 2008, higher home prices, lack of supply, and student loans. 

With all these obstacles in the way, 31 percent of homeowners have a mortgage, and 15 percent own their home without a mortgage. 28 percent of respondents rent from a private landlord, and 15 percent live with family or friends for free. 

When they do finally achieve the American dream, what will they spend their money on? 41 percent said maintenance and repairs are the biggest priority. A slick remodel for comfort came in around 21 percent, and a remodel for better style was at 19 percent, and energy conservation was at 16 percent. 

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